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About Heather

I've worn many hats in the healthcare field - Physical Therapist / Athletic Trainer, Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality Improvement and Project Leader roles, Clinical Manager, Executive Operations Leader - across multiple service lines and domains. I’m also a practitioner-scholar of evidence-based management practices developed through my MBA and Ph.D. in Management. On a personal note, I’m a runner and cyclist to balance out all that professional hard-work ethic.

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What I do

I help healthcare and service sector organizations develop the knowledge, behaviors, and beliefs that consistently create winning teams. I work with individuals and teams to enhance leadership skills, balance the internal and external dynamics of teams, and optimize culture development by meeting people where they are and guiding them to higher performance.

Why I do it

I’m passionate about creating reliable systems through the people who are the system; those who interact in the system every day. I’m a firm believer that a company is only as good as its people, so I founded 3 SEES, LLC to provide organizations with options to empower their teams to deliver highly reliable care, services, and processes across more people in a time- and cost-effective way.

The 3 SEES Model

The 3 SEES framework uses evidence-based management principles for optimizing teams, developing leadership capabilities, and incorporating system design and performance improvement capabilities for sustainable change. Our purpose is to guide clients to unlock their expertise and achieve their goals through a combination of teaching, coaching, and consulting.

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