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Helping organizations create winning teams

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Let 3 SEES, LLC help you achieve and exceed your goals

We specialize in teaching organizations teamwork strategies and behaviors so they outperform. Through large group professional speaking, workshop facilitation, and coaching, 3 SEES helps you to successfully tackle your challenges.


Do these sound familiar?

  • We're losing money and/or wasting time
    • We have inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and errors that keep repeating
    • Our improvements don't stick
  • We're not achieving our goals
    • We have too many priorities
    • We're not executing on our strategic plans
    • Our quality is slipping
  • Our team isn't "high performing"
    • We aren't balancing our internal and external priorities well
    • We aren't communicating effectively
    • We're acting like a group of individuals and not playing like a symphony
  • Our culture doesn’t support our aims
    • What we say we want or do doesn’t match our habits
    • The culture doesn’t look the same from the top to the bottom
  • Our leaders want development
    • We have smart, well-trained people in their content areas, but they weren’t educated as managers and leaders of teams
    • We have good leaders, but we want to be great

3 SEES, LLC can help you resolve these challenges and their root causes through the following services:


Coaching is for leaders and teams who want to continuously improve.

Through assessments and evidence-based coaching practices, I can help you tap into the capability that resides within to optimize leadership effectiveness and achieve breakthrough performance in your:

  • Goal achievement
  • Key relationships
  • Problem solving for high priorities


I educate, engage, and empower organizations, through professional speaking, to enable leaders and teams to be your own powerful forces for problem-solving, change, and execution.

I share motivating tactics for:

  • Building High-Performing Teams
  • Executing through Cross-Functional Teams
  • Leading Teams


Having an organized, facilitated approach to tackling important issues can help teams move forward. I provide facilitation services for:

  • Team High-Performance
  • Strategy Planning
  • Change Leadership
  • Effective Execution

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